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Durex Dash

Let’s make sex education fun

Sex education can be really awkward or even downright terrifying. I know when I was in high school they basically just showed us a slideshow of all the STIs you could get but didn’t really do much to tell us how to have safe sex and avoid those STIs. Education via terror is not really a great idea. So my copywriter partner and I decided to gamify sex ed.

Durex Dash is an educational game that teaches young people about condoms and STIs in a way that speaks to them.

Student work: AD, Animator, Illustrator: Nicolina Angervall I Copy: Lauren weiss

“It should live in the real world, if you ask me”

Nicolina Higgins Angervall

The Game

With a condom as your shield and antibiotics as your weapons, characters fight off a barrage of STIs. Actions in the endless runner game mimic real life to teach proper condom application in a fun, interactive way.

In-Game Education

It’s not just about running around gathering condoms. After each round, players will receive their “test results” of every STI they managed to block with Durex, and every one they didn’t. Players can then click through to learn actual information about these STIs, including symptoms and treatments. From there, they can also find information on local free testing clinics or where to purchase Durex.

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